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For the American Studies major you have to write a senior thesis. Art majors have a mandatory final project. In some majors a thesis is optional, some not. At that point you choose an advisor in your major. Meet with them before registration each semester or more frequently to make sure you're on track for graduation, etc.

Registration is split up by classes; seniors choose first, freshman last. I've never had a problem with classes. Maybe I didn't get into one I wanted, but I always had a back-up plan and could maybe take that class another semester.

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If you ever get into a rut just email the professor or chair of the department of the class you're taking; you usually get your class in the end. Most classes are kept small, giving students opportunities to create good relationships with [them]. Office hours are very popular to go to and most students are very comfortable emailing their professors and meeting with them for extra help. Professors often eat in the dining hall and walk around campus, so it is common to see them outside of class and say hello.

Most people's favorite professors are their freshman seminar professors because that professor is also their advisor [at first]. Freshmen spend a lot of time getting to know their seminar professor and establish a great, long-term relationship with them.

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He is brilliant but also hilarious, and you will never be bored in one of his classes. I've loved my French classes, and yeah, people definitely go to office hours. She specializes in medieval and early modern Europe, and she is so knowledgeable and engaging in her classes that I'm now taking a level with her despite not even being a history minor.

She's funny and genuinely cares about what students have to contribute; it challenges you to think critically in a way that's kind of daunting but also exciting. He is a government professor, and he happens to be one of the funniest people I have ever met. Professors are definitely accessible and open to meet for office hours.

It turns out, I AM a science person when it is related to my major, because I am genuinely interested in all the applications of what we are learning! We did lake sampling, soil sampling, and watershed assessment. My favorite part was stream bioassessment in which we wore waders and collected insects from two local tributaries. Thankfully, I had the Writing Center to assist me in my lab reports, since I had not written one since junior year of high school. The two female professors who taught the class were smart, kind, and engaging.

They had high standards for students but made themselves very available to help us. If you're interested in the fiction writing concentration, look him up now. Yet if you're ever required to take a class within the math department, take a class with Professor Vella. Every semester the school hosts a Club Fair and everyone turns up to sign up for email lists and get free candy. The comedy groups and theater shows on campus are very popular and heavily attended. The most popular are the performance-style clubs: I participate in Yoga Club.

We have our own private yoga instructor and meet [three times per] week. I love the relationships you build. They become like family. Breakbeats helped me find myself and make more friends across social groups and grades. Starting a club is not difficult, but it does require a level of devotion to the club goals. Since there are so many clubs on campus, it is not hard to secure a leadership position in a club, which is a great way to prepare for life after Skidmore and leadership positions in the workplace!

I honestly didn't study abroad because I couldn't leave Skidmore When I went abroad I was able to become friends with a bunch of students in my own grade I had never even seen before, and when I traveled across Europe with them I met even more Skiddies in different cities. Once you come back, you have an automatic understanding--and talking points--with basically anyone who studied abroad or wants to , no matter where they went. The athletes don't really have their own culture as the school is pretty small. Because we are Division 3, many students are able to participate in sports.

We emphasize the 'scholar athlete' at Skidmore. Since we don't have Greek life, the only thing really separate about the 'athlete' culture is the fact that most athletes sit on the blue side of the dining hall by the pasta. There is a strong divide between those on athletic teams and the rest of campus.

And the athlete culture is definitely separate. Students participate in so many things that it would be impossible to create a line between athletes and other students. We don't have much team spirit. We're well known for our field hockey, polo, crew, riding, tennis, and hockey, and basketball teams.

Field hockey and basketball are ones I've gone to. I'd love to go to a hockey game next! It used to be an all-female college, so it is a school accustomed to advocating for women. There are many inspirational female professors and a lot of discussion around gender bias and breaking down gender norms. We have [an] interdisciplinary gender studies major and minor. There are more women than men on campus, and some female students complain that 'straight, dateable men' are hard to find, but that's what you join the clubs and engage in classes for! The culture is also very receptive to gay women.

Everyone has the freedom to be themselves. There is tons of support to dress, act, and study whatever you want. I mean, we are smarter than all the men, right? Lots of clubs on campus deal specifically with sex, sexuality, and gender, so there's an open dialogue.

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Man or woman, black or white, Skidmore students don't base their judgements off these traits. But, specifically for women, there are tons of clubs that are just for us. Clubs like Her Campus Skidmore are devoted to giving fun-loving college girls an outlet to relay their everyday experiences and hone their writing skills for a nation-wide audience, and Women In Business examines and teaches how to get the best out of being a woman in a male-dominated field. The ratio and awareness of gender studies creates a false sense of security. It depends on the person. Related Questions Is the dating scene in college better than high school?

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What is the college dating scene like?!!!? I hate the college dating scene? What's the dating scene like in college?

Answer Questions Is sports. How hard is double majoring? Boston, New York City, and Montreal are each approximately miles from campus. The newest academic building, the Arthur Zankel Music Center, features a spectacular seat recital hall and a state-of-the-art recording studio. The beautifully renovated Murray-Aikins Dining Hall boasts a variety of food stations and intimate seating arrangements.

And field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, and softball venues have all been recently outfitted with the latest turf fields. Forty percent of Skidmore's heating and cooling needs come through geothermal energy, the most of any organization in the region.

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Save School Share School. Those seeking admission to Skidmore's first-year class should complete a secondary-school curriculum that includes at least 16 credits in college-preparatory courses. The Admissions Committee also considers applications from qualified high school juniors who plan to accelerate and enter college early. Applicants typically have completed four years of English, a foreign language, mathematics, and social studies, and three to four years of laboratory science. Applicants must provide a secondary school transcript, letters of recommendation from two teachers of academic subjects, and a report from their guidance counselor.

Skidmore encourages a campus visit and interview. Skidmore is test-optional when it comes to standardized testing SAT, ACT , though the college does require standardized test results from international students other than those who have attended an English language-based school for at least three years, homeschooled students, and students attending secondary schools offering written evaluations without accompanying grades. Of course, students may submit either the SAT or ACT if they feel their standardized testing results best represent their academic potential.

Through its participation in the Higher Education Opportunity Program HEOP , Skidmore enrolls capable and ambitious New Yorkers who, because of their academic and financial situations, would not otherwise gain admission to the college under traditional requirements. About OP students are enrolled at Skidmore. All information for Regular Decision applicants should be postmarked by January Regular Decision applicants can convert their applications to Early Decision until February 1.

Transfer applicants must submit their applications by November 15 for January admission or by April 1 for September admission.