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Try to guess who would be a better fit in a long-term relationship? They both give me butterflies.

I recognize that either way, a decision must be made sooner than later to minimize heartache for everyone involved. You've already started a relationship with 1 that you have planned to carry into the future. But now you like 2 as well. Seems to me that logistically, at least, it would be easier to tell 2 that things are getting too serious with 1 to carry forward with her.

Then try to have a good work relationship with 2 while things progress with 1. If 1 doesn't work out, it's possible 2 will still be available. OTOH, if you go with 2 now and try to go back to 1 later, she'd be legitimately mad about having been thrown over for some hussy you work with. But in matters of the heart, logistics don't win the day. If you thought you were happy with 1, but were still looking, enough such that 2 drew this much of your attention, maybe 1 is not the girl for you.

But if that's the case, maybe 2 isn't, either, because you don't seem to like her any better. And since you work with 2, she might be a constant temptation if you try to take things forward with 1. This isn't a "good" problem to have. Neither one of them stands out enough to you to make this decision easy, but you feel like you've got to make a choice because I would just keep dating around until you're sure. This is clearly not the right time to make that choice.

What's with all the exposition? If you're trying to think your way through this I can guarantee you that you're on the wrong path. You've known these two people for such a short time, how can you really say they are amazing and equally perfect? For starters you risk measuring them by very superficial standards.

It's not like you've known these women for years and you have to decide TODAY who you're going to marry. Further, you're making this out like you're the only person in the relationship. Did it ever occur to you that one or both of these women may decide that they don't want to date you? I question the either-or premise. What's stopping you from dating them both? As long as you're straight up with them that you don't want to date exclusively, and you don't lead them on, you can draw both relationships out a bit longer to get a better feel for their long-term potential.

Further, you've already got more time in one than the other.

I'd trend toward the one you've been with longer, and then if things don't work out, you might be able to pickup where you left off with the new girl. You spent a whole lot of verbiage justifying why the work relationship will not be a problem, enough that it probably will be a problem. I'm starting to feel sick even thinking about it, knowing that either Person 1 or 2 is going to be potentially heartbroken and I am going to lose one of them Or you could lose both. You need to start being really honest here- you need to decide what you want to do, and then you need to tell 1 tonight about what's going on.

It seems that you've led her to believe you weren't dating anyone else. That probably wasn't very nice. Will she still want to date you after she finds out, even if you "choose" her? Maybe it wouldn't work out with her even if you never told her about this whole business. If you do choose 1 then tell her later on, when the stuff from the beginning of the relationship won't matter.

If you didn't talk to or see both of them for a week or two, who would you want to see more? Who would you be more excited to tell about how you've been and to find out what's been going on in their life? Since you've already slept with 1, and since most relationships don't work out and there's a bigger chance of awkwardness in the end if you continue seeing 2 and then break up, I'd just stick with 1. But only if you know you won't be tempted by 2. And if you think you'll be tempted by 2 then maybe you shouldn't commit to either one yet.

Also, since 2 already knows about the existence of 1, and it sounds like she was hurt by it, I think it would be best if you don't lead her on - make your decision now to either be with 2 or not, so she doesn't sit around wondering. I'm sorry, but this is ridiculously funny.

Did you see what you just wrote? You are neither mature nor smart enough to shit where you eat and to compromise your current job by sleeping with a subordinate. You might be able to justify to yourself the "breaking of the rules" but you're not going to be able to convince H.

Dating Fails

And that's the problem with your whole question. You're trying to find justification for your behavior. You are developing a relationship with 1 but you don't want it. If you did, you would have done so by now. You like to view yourself as being exclusive in action but not in name because you don't want to settle down with 1. If you did, 2 wouldn't exist. Figure half an hour after that, see if you're alive and let us know.

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Shes pregnant and complaining about her weight gain and saying that she needs to eat better. An hour later she was eating an ice cream bar. Would not murder you for sport, would only murder you with good reason, would not murder you when mentally stable, is mentally stable, is not a serial killer, is not looking to become a serial killer, etc. So I mean were all gonna die someday anyways Please tell me this is real.

Because I think she would qualify as no guarantee that she does not kill you.

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I did once go on a date with a girl who talked about having made a paintbrush from pubic hair, if that's any consolation. It turned out that she was joking, though. If it was real about the paintbrush I think I would be equally disgusted, and impressed that she had the skills enough to make a working paintbrush out of her own body hair. I actually made the same assumption that you just did, and the young woman in question responded with the same line Then she orders an "angel shot" and insists you were the jerk for prying and asking so many questions.

Because Tinder is what's hip for people of age which makes up most of the reddit populous. The pick-two triangle is a pretty solid format that can be applied to a lot of aspects so when you combine the two you get a pretty solid meme. It's not really, basically any blind date or dating app date ever.

I think psycho is a better option than will not murder you. The odds of meeting a nutjob on tinder are much higher than meeting someone who's going to kill you. I read the top one, the left one and then I saw 'choose two'. I thought well that's a pretty good combination. Then I read the text on the right. What am I missing But it said choose 2. I chose to have a date that is attractive and can hold a conversation, leaving will murder me out of qualities in a tinderella.

Not sure how I'm the only one reading it that way. Is my brain cross wired? Yah, I see where I went wrong. But you know, If I get murdered I won't have to go to work tomorrow. So good convo with an attractive chick it is haha.

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I made the same mistake and read it as will murder you, it's will not murder you, so if you pick the other two, you're going to die. Finally, the light went off. Haha thanks for explaining that! My reading comprehension could use some work. Well if you look at it logically you have a. So a five thousandths of a percent chance I like those odds.

I'll take attractive and can hold a conversation.

How do I choose between the two men I’m dating?

I can hold a conversation and I am attractive. Obviously you want to hook up. Attractive and Will not murder is the easy answer. It's funny but I guess I'm just annoying and painful. Given my personal physical appearance, the bottom two choices wouldn't be that bad to be honest. Fast and reliable cuz I don't want it to be cheap I never said I didn't understand I was just being difficult My last tinder date resulted in me being quizzed on my Doctor who knowledge while doing all the work during sex.

As tinder is for random one nighters take attractive and won't kill. You are only going to see them for about 30 minutes so who cares about conversation.