Dating a waitress

I do it because i can, i can because i want to, i want to because you said i couldn't. Originally Posted by vodka Who the phuck wnats a woman that makes minimum wage in the first place. Never understood guys that try to pick up waitresses. If you fail, you're just another douche customer to them, and if you snag one, you just got yourself a GF that you will have to support.

How To Date The Waitress

So either way you fail. Originally Posted by DeanWade.

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Eh, I disagree OP When I was bartending and seeing a girl at the same thing, it never really crossed my mind anymore than a normal day. Originally Posted by 0thersid3. Originally Posted by rckrdude. The truth is that most guys will hit on her. They'll say something stupid. They'll call her over and say dumb things. They'll never talk to her. This is what I do: Let me ask you a question. If I was standing there and asked you what you'd like to eat right now, and you were sitting here with my buddies — and believe me, they're really good guys — what would you want to eat?

I'll take over your shift. Just let me know what's been 86ed in the kitchen. You're talking her language right there. Let me go back to the kitchen, let me go grab those salmon orders right now.

7-Second Pickup Trick For Waitresses, Bartenders & Baristas

She now knows that you speak her language. She'll be curious whether or not you ever worked in a restaurant. These chics are good players.

They know how to programme the men and swallow them. If you bump into her when it is not your day, she will hull all sorts of insults at you.

why i don't date bartenders/waitresses -

You can find her talking to a man but she will tell you that she has a right to talk to all men because they are her customers. You need to be patient if you are dating a waitress. If you are not careful, she can make you sleep in the bar because she will tell you to wait for her until the bar closes. They also have a habit of playing several men on the same day. But this one may also not work for you. Recently, my friend waited for a hot chic at one of the clubs in Industrial area.

Your Guide To Picking Up Waitresses

As he was busy dozing in the chairs, some loaded fellow arrived in a double cabin and picked her from the club. She can tell several guys to wait for her on the same day.

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Those who are impatient will leave and the final man in the bar will be her meal that night. These gals like money like hell. If you make a mistake and give her unchanged money, she will never return balance. One day I took a soda at some busy bar in Ndola. I did not have change so I gave the waitress a 50k note to bring my balance. The chic went to the counter but never returned. I think she was monitoring me from some corner.

I went and hid somewhere only to return after two hours. She and her friends were busy enjoying my dime.